Citizen of both countries, Nadezda Alupova Bonniot is a lawyer, member of the Leningrad Oblast Bar Association in Saint-Petersburg in Russia, provides the legal services in International  Business law between Russia and France. Bilingual with double skills in law since 2004 and accounting since 2007 lawyer assists you in your business.

  • Legal advice;
  • Legal subscription services for companies;
  • Analyse and drafting contracts between Russia and France;
  • Investement in real state in Russia;
  • Legal analyse of international transactions;
  • Oral argument in the Russian courts and in Public services.


She works from Ile-de-France region near Paris and often travels to Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Petrozavodsk).

  • The Lenigrad Bar Association's address in Russia: 191187, Saint-Petersburg, ul.Gagarindkay, 6A
  • The law firm's address in Russia:197243, Saint-Petersburg, pereulok Krasnogvardeysky, 23.

The Practising certificate number is: 47/1856.


Before contact me please consult my honorary.