Honorary excluding any costs (VAT not applicable  according to the article 149 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation):

from 160 €/hour (rate for the year 2017);
annual subscription, please contact the lawyer;
a percentage can be negotiated in case of litigation.
In accordance with the Code of Conduct for Lawyers:

A lawyer shall not be entitled to make a pactum de quota litis. By «pactum de quota litis» is meant an agreement between a lawyer and his client entered into prior to final conclusion of a matter to which the client is a party, by virtue of which the client undertakes to pay the lawyer a share of the result regardless of whether this is represented by a sum of money or by any other benefit achieved by the client upon the conclusion of the matter.

Regulation of Fees

A fee charged by a lawyer shall be fully disclosed to his client and shall be fair and reasonable.

Subject to any proper agreement to the contrary between a lawyer and his client fees charged by a lawyer shall be subject to regulation in accordance with the rules applied to members of the Bar or Law Society to which he belongs. If he belongs to more than one Bar or Law Society the rules applied shall be those with the closest connection to the contract between the lawyer and his client.

Payment on Account If a lawyer requires a payment on account of his fees and/or disbursements such payment should not exceed a reasonable estimate of the fees and probable disbursements involved. Failing such payment, a lawyer may withdraw from the case or refuse to handle it.